Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vogue Italia September 2011 Cover!

Vogue Italia September 2011 cover features British model Stella Tennant.
who has her waist cinched down to 13 inches to be exact in a black Prada Corset!  

The cover is meant to be a tribute to the late Ethel Granger (1905-1982).
Granger was a lover of corsets and held the Guinness Book for the 
smallest waist in the world.

On the inside of the magazine's current issue Ethel Granger is featured in various photo's 
showcasing her tiny, tiny waist. Here a few of these photo's below. 

What do you think of Vogue Italia September cover? 
High fashion art or dangerous message? 


hoteltuesday said...

Dangerous message!!! They should use Britney instead. She looks amazing in her new Glamour spread.

Beauty on a College budget said...

I'm definitely thinking that's a dangerous message! I can't believe that women had such a tiny waist, she had to have health problems. I also don't know how her body kept her up straight! Did she even eat?

♥ tiffany said...

Thanks for your sweet comments!! The teeny waists are crazy and looks so painful!

Tam said...

I think it looks really unattractive and I'm not sure it's something that a fashion magazine wants to put out there as attractive. It's more like in one of those Weekly World News papers.

Dangerous? Not sure. The cover looks more like an old painting in just passing by I likely wouldn't even have thought about what it really is and probably assume (I wouldn't doubt) that it's photoshopped. In light of all the rules in Europe about uber-skinny models being banned from runways, it does seem odd they would choose to focus on someone with a mutant body part.

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

Hotel Tuesday: I haven't seen Britney's Glamour spreed yet.

Beauty on a College Budget: I know, I don't understand how her organs functioned.

Tiffany: No problem, your blog is super cute!!

Tam: I was thinking the same thing about Europe banning super skinny models!!

September 3, 2011 3:39 PM

Anonymous said...

Ok This is gross...bad message...this belongs on the cover of "ripley's believe it or not" on on the cover of Vouge...and with the eating disorder issues with models, it is totally wrong...Shame on Vogue...Please give that girl on the cover a gift card to a's not fashion, it's not's strange...if they wanted to do an artical it should have been done inside with a story along side explaining that this was the past and that doing this now can cause death...she looks like death is knocking on her dorr...ugh!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg why would they put this on the cover of a magazine? Women live in a world where they're constantly being told what they should look like and many women believe what they hear. I hope that when women look at this cover they remember that Ethel Granger tiny waist is not normal.

Daniela said...

Hi sweetie, thans for following my blog & commenting!

This is definitely a dangerous message. Such a small waist creeps me out! These kind of influential magazines should definitely be more careful about what they promote!

Anonymous said...

Omg that looks so painful and strange!! Great blog


john said...

Is it strange? Certainly. Is it unattractive? Absolutely. Is it dangerous? I'm not convinced.

There isn't anything on the cover to indicate the purpose of the photo. It doesn't say they are advocating for such a small waist, but doubtless the image does create some controversy that most likely helps to sell the magazine.

I'd be curious to read the article surrounding the purpose of the images. Do they clearly state that the photo shoot was an homage to Ethel Granger or was there some other purpose to the article?

Miss Delirium said...

[Reply] Thank you so much for your comments on my latest posts :)
I love moroccan oil too :)

that suitcase for makeup/nailsupply is so great! But its too small for me. hehe.. i cant fit everything i have in it.. so i need a new and bigger one soon :)

Loving the vogue cover, i think the photo is so cool:)

Nora Schu said...

I find it extremely unattractive, and I think it could send a bad message.. it's possible.

Tania said...

DANGEROUS! That doesn't even look attractive. Sweetie thanks for visiting my blog... loving yours!


Michelle M. said...

Yikes! That can't be good. There's only room for a spinal cord.

spifftiff88 said...

It disgusted me at first glance. I certainly wouldn't want to look like that but I could see how younger, more impressionable girls & boys might get a bad message from it