Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Makeup Alley Swap!!

Have you ever bought a beauty item that turned out to be something completely different then what you had excepted? You try to return it and find out it can't be returned. Or even better you receive a neon pink lipstick that you would never wear as a birthday gift. If you're like me you hate to just throw this stuff away, come on, it's brand new! Well I've got the solution for you

Makeup Alley has a feature on their website that allows you to swap these items with other
 beauties that are in the same situation as you!
 This is how it works: 
-Sign up at
-Read all Disclaimer info carefully
-Browse swap sections
-Ask questions if you're unsure about a product & check references
-Reach an agreement, you must swap items it is an even-exchange program
-Send off your swapped items
It's that simple!!

This site is similar to ebay being that you are on a honor system. You should treat people the way 
you would want to be treated. Don't swap old, expired and dirty items with people.
I always check feedback and references before swapping with someone.
I only swap items that are in original packaging and sealed.

PS: It's a great place to find stuff that you love that is discontinued.
I'm not saying you are going to find Urban Decay's naked palette,
but you may find a limited edition MAC eye shadow you love!

Do you plan on swapping anything on makeup alley?


Anonymous said...

beautiful Talita!
I love makeup too

Lexy said...

Love this post! I never sign on to my makeup alley account but i think i will more often to find those LE items. :)

rosecandle11 said...

thanks so much for commenting on my blog!!!:) i'm your new follower!

love your sweet blog.