Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eco Emi ♥ : August Box

Today when I got home I had something waiting for me my August Eco Emi box!! Yay!!
For those of you who do not know what Eco Emi is it is a monthly subscription of five to ten
 Eco friendly products delivered to your door once a month for $15.00. The best
part is everything comes wrapped in cute reusable materials/satchels. 

Now lets take a look at my current August box.

First up the pretty blue package.

Radiant You by. Dr. Hauschka

Inside the box is a lavender bath, cleansing cream, facial toner and mask.

Next up the reusable satchel.

Acai Vitamin Super Chews by Genesis
Organic Ranch Dip by Simple Organic
Organic Chai and Chamomile Teas by Eden Organics
Rejuvenating Hand and Body Lotion by Auromere
Organic Seaweed Revitalizing Shower Gel by Gabriel Cosmetics
And My Favorite Thing This Month:
Lip Balm by Pangea Organics
I opened the Lip Balm immediately and I must say it is 

The rolled light blue tissue paper was
Vanilla Vegan Raw Protein Powder by Health Force Nutritionals

Overall everything I received was a good value especially since the 
lip balm was full sized and retails for $12.00.
(lip balm is Egyptian fennel with grapefruit & sweet orange)

Each box also comes with numerous coupon codes off of 
the featured items in the box. 
If you have yet to check them out I suggest you do.


Anonymous said...

I love it!
Do they ship packages overseas???

Talita said...

Mia, No not yet. I think they are
working on it. I know they will
start Canada soon. "Like" them on facebook
they give updates there.

Anonymous said...

This is different from Burch box?

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

Gabi: Yeah this one is all organic and reusable stuff Birchbox isn't but they are similar!

Anonymous said...

I like this...this is something I can use...-Lisa

Tay said...

This is awesome! I never heard of an eco sample kit! I MUST check this out ASAP! I love stuff that is natural and friendly to the enviroment :) Thanks!


GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

Lisa: I already know you won't use this, you will save it for a special occasion!! :o)

Tay: Right now they have a waiting list, but the do send out awesome stuff!