Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!!

Now that the wedding countdown has really began I have stumbled upon the great art of do it yourself wedding vows. My fiance would rather play Madden then write his own vows. I on the other hand have considered writing my own wedding vows I feel they are more personal and original. I can make my vows romantic or funny. And really add my own personal touch and feelings.

Then on the other hand going the traditional route is traditional which is always nice. Less stressful which trust me our stress levels are peaking. My fiance doesn't really like to do public speaking, and neither one of us is consider a great writer.Which leaves me not knowing what to really do in this situation.

Which means it's now time for the question.Where do you stand on writing your own wedding vows? Did you write your own? Or will you write your own vows when you do get married?


john said...

We didn't write our own vows when we got married. We went with the traditional vows. I think personal vows are a nice idea in theory, but I often find they are only meaningful to the bride and groom (which I guess is the point) and are not always as accessible to the guests in attendance.

I also feel you on the pressure! You have sooo much to do with the plans, and that day, why put more pressure on yourself to have to memorize vows and then say them in front of a large group? I'm all for being fed my lines with a "repeat after me".

Anonymous said...

If you want to write your own vows but don't want to recite them in front of everyone you could write them in cards and give them to eachother the morning of to read while you're getting dressed. My brother and wife wrote their own vows and they were more so funny than serious and mushy but they still meant alot to them. They also did the traditional vows.


Tam said...

What John said. We just went for canned vows with a bit of alteration. If Ray isn't into it, probably better to skip it than have yours be all romantic and his kind of half-assed. :-)

hoteltuesday said...

Mine will consist of:
50% original content
20% Taylor Swift lyrics
15% Mariah Carey lyrics
10% Michelle Branch lyrics
5% Mya lyrics

Anonymous said...

I think you should write your own


Anonymous said...

Writeing your own is a nice way to tell the love of your life how much they mean to you...I personally didn't get do it since we eloped...but I would like to do it at least when I renew my vows...I would say defintely write them if you can...such a sweetand romantic thing to do...gotta laugh at the part of Ray rather playing PS3 instead...that's a man for husand other woman is Call of duty

Michelle M. said...

We just went with the run of the mill vows. We altered them a little so there wasn't a lot of religious stuff (Harry isn't religious). I would like to say that I had too much to worry about without having to write my own vows, but really, I am lazy.

You should write Ray's vows. Make him promise to do chores, give you backrubs, and do all the chores!

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

Michelle That last part is a great idea!! :o)