Saturday, October 29, 2011

His Black Box!!

I had recently stumbled across a site called His BlackBox. 
Which is basically a BirchBox for men, I thought to myself "wow this is great 
especially right in time for the holidays." Who doesn't love their husband or boyfriend to 
smell good? The box cost $12.00 a month shipping included. 

I got Ray a box in September, it came right in time for his birthday which made me 
happy, The packaging was great. However, one of his items were missing I contacted customer
service and never received an answer back. Then October's box came a few days
ago. This time he had 3 different shaving creams (really?) and no card
saying what each items was. 

I have now canceled the membership which makes me 
a little disappointed because I really wanted to like this company. 
I was thinking I had found the perfect gift idea, as a little extra something to give someone. 
The company is pretty new so maybe they just have to work out some kinks,
but as far as not even answering my email back. Big disappointment!!

What do you think of His BlackBox? Have you tried it? 
Do you like the idea?

UPDATE: I have since tried to unsuccessful cancel my membership and
it is not going well. I have emailed them 3 times and have still not received
an answer. Next step is reporting them to BBB, and canceling my debit card!!!!

FYI: Their Facebook page has since disappeared!!


Diamonds&Pearls said...

Oh, no...I was thinking about getting this for my husband and now I'm glad I haven't yet.

Birchbox has confirmed that they are creating a men's line sometime at the end of next month.
Hopefully they'll have a better program. Men need some sampling love too. lol.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I've never even heard of it before, but the concept sounds great just like how it works for us ladies
How disappointing though :(

Dana said...

Hey! I am about to cancel my boyfriend's membership too! We were both so excited, but we aren't getting anything good. I was also furious that there wasn't a card this last months box...they must have ran out of funds I guess. They prob stopped sending the cards because then we wouldn't know if an item was missing! haha.

xoxo, nykki

D said...

aw how disappointing!

Kitterz00 said...

At first I thought they were associated with Birchbox but Birchbox announced recently they have been working on a box for men... should be interesting.