Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mariah's Babies!!

So everyone who know's me know's that I LOVE Mariah Carey!! 
She is my absolute Favorite performer. 
I have seen her in concert and of course she was amazing.
Last night 20/20 had aired an interview with Mariah Carey 
showing off her gorgeous little babies and discussing her difficult pregnancy! 
And of course I am posting it! 

And Seriously how gorgeous are those babies??


Anonymous said...

Yeah Talita, I know what it is to be a fan of a great singer.

Enrico said...

Monroe is cuter! I LOVE MC AND HER BABIES!

Now I'm gonna go listen to "Someday" on repeat!

PolaBerry said...

aww I haven't scene her babies before they are soo cute!

Anonymous said...

Omg they are so adorable!! x