Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My First Christmas Tree!! Yay!!

This year I decided to put up a Christmas Tree. I 
have always avoided this in the past saying I don't have children and 
I will do it after we are married. Well this year something changed I feel very 
Christmas-ey (if that's a word). 

First I hung our stockings Rays, Mine and my doggies of course!!

Next I hung up my poinsettia wreath. 
Don't you love it?

Then I made center pieces one for my living room and 
one for my bathroom. This well be replacing my usually bathroom
potpourri for the next month.
(This is the one in the bathroom.)

My nativity set. I love it!! 
I know it's small, there are no wise men, but it's okay
my tree isn't that big!!

My Favorite ornament!! 
I love Cinderella!!
(I thought I took a picture of this turns out I took
a movie, I got a new phone this week and I am 
not yet good at using it. So this picture is off the 
Disney website)

And Finally now for my Christmas Tree!!! 
And Yes, that is my sister and I in the picture,
I am the older one in case you were

Have you put up your Christmas Tree yet? 

A Christmas Bonus:


Tam said...

Love the little mice in the shoe. No, we won't put our tree up until the weekend of the 10th. I get a real tree and I find they start loosing needles too quickly if we get it early, plus I'm lazy and I also get sick of it. So I have some time yet.

Confessions of a Beautyholic said...

I'm not a big Christmas decoration person but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hello Kitty stocking! Way too adorable!

Sam said...

Very pretty! I still haven't found the ambition to do any Christmas decorating. I ADORE the Hello Kitty stocking! :)

Jenn said...

put mine up like 2 weeks ago I couldn't wait!! Looks great :)

xo Jenn


Michelle M. said...

I think we're skipping the tree this year : (. But next year definitely. Your decorations are so festive. That's a cute ornament - Gus Gus!

I need to get a stocking for Cooper.

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

Thanks Everyone!!
And Yes Michelle, Cooper needs a stocking!!