Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Surprise!!

For those of you who know me personally, you know 
that my birthday is this Tuesday. However, my little brother 
stayed over my house this weekend so he that he could be fitted 
for his tux for my wedding in June. 

Being that my little brother's birthday is Wednesday. 
Ray (my boyfriend) thought it would be a great idea to surprise me with a 
cake (and for my brother brownies he hates cake) and presents!! 

Yes, I love the poorly drawn butterflies all over my cake!! 
I also received some great presents just to name a few I got
cupcake ornaments for my Christmas tree, A Hello Kitty umbrella, the best 
softest, cutest slippers I have ever seen. Season 2 of one of my favorite shows "Modern Family"
and a Happy Birthday Precious Moments Figure (I collect them).

Thanks to my family!!
Happy Early Birthday to me!! 


Confessions of a Beautyholic said...

Happy Birthday! You can't go wrong with Hello Kitty!

Linda Lisa said...

Yum...That Cake looks good...where is my piece?