Tuesday, December 20, 2011

30 Before 30 List

I was actually going to do this post on my birthday last week but I had so much going on I couldn't get around to doing it. So here is my 30 before 30 List. I have 2 years to complete this list. I have my fingers crossed that I can get through it. 

1. Get Married 
2. Have a baby!
3. Learn how to Crochet (i'm an old lady at Heart)
4. Pay off all my Credit cards (good thing my credit care debt is pretty low)
5. Pay off my car early!
6. Go ice skating
7. Learn Spanish (Rosetta Stone here I come)
8. Go to a Broadway Show.
9.Take part in an international swap
10. Finish the 3 scrapbooks I have started.
11. Turn my spare room into an guest room instead of a storage room. (baby's room now)
12. Take my Vitamins everyday, not only when I remember. (being prego has helped me do this!)  
13. Upgrade from my trusty old blackberry to a Touch Screen. (i'm team iPhone now)
14.Watch "Sex In The City" (I have never seen an episode)
15.  Watch all the best picture winners (thanks to my brother Nicky for this)
16. Find my perfect shade of red lipstick! (I am usually intimated of red lips)
17. Take a cooking class
18. Visit Sprinkles Cupcakes in NYC (I love cupcakes)
19. Start saving to buy a House
20. Clean Out my email inboxes to Zero!!
21. Learn Calligraphy.
22. Walk all 3 of my dogs at the same time by myself.
23. Bake a loaf of my own bread.
24.Kiss in the rain
25. Donate More!
26. Do A 5 Day Juice Fast
27. Bowl over 180 (i'm not a good bowler)
28. Teach my dogs new tricks (they currently only know Sit)
29. Mail a secret to Post Secret (http://www.postsecret.com/
30. Visit Canada

 Do you have a list of anything you want to accomplish by a certain time? If so let me know! 


Nora Schu said...

I actually don't have any lists at all! I used to have a bucket list and I lost that..

This is a great list though. I should start writing my own 30 before 30 :)

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

OMG i have a "before 30 list" as well.... love your list

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

You guys should do your own list!! I can't wait to read them!!

ℓα∂у.ℓαυяα♥мιѕѕ.мαкєυρ.α∂∂ιcт said...

This is a really full and interesting list ! Good luck with it xoxo

Cami said...

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Enrico said...

I LOVE THIS LIST!! I can't wait to watch all of SATC with you!

Sweet and Bitter said...

awesome list...i might start my list taking some point from you...thanks for sharing



Jen★彡 said...

I think MY list will basically look just like this! Haha~ This 30 before 30 is a great idea! :) I especially love the Kiss in the Rain.. So sweet!

Michelle M. said...

I only did 5 of those things before I was 30. Maybe I should add some of them to my 50 before 50 list...

We have a Sprinkles out here in San Diego, but the cupcakes weren't all that. The Magnolia Bakery cupcakes were pretty good, though. Have you been there yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Talita!

I likes a lot that Idea!
I'm thinking in do the same, my list for the next year!
when I finish I will put in my blog and share with you!

great Idea!
I lough a lot of this, you are very funny and I also LOVE cupcakes!!!!

(I'm sorry for my bad English, I should be better now, I know...)

shooting star said...

i dont have any list ....am more of a short term goals person..like have to buy this fab coat by next month..or a shoe..or bag that job or travel to a certain plc in a year...you know those kinds stuff!!!

but having lists is grt!!

season's greetings

Anita said...

Happy New Year! You've got a lovely blog :)

Pop Champagne said...

I would like to get married and have kids too... haha I actually like the older blackberry than a touch screen, I'm just not a big touch screen person for some reason!

Adriana said...

This is a great list I want to have a baby before 30 as well! I got married last year, but I still feel too young to have a baby lol.