Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Cravebox Time

What's in my January Cravebox? 
January's Cravebox is themed to coincide with 90% of people's 
New Year's resolution. To become healthy, get fit or lose weight. 
If you don't know what Cravebox is, it is a monthly subscription box that 
delivers a variety of lifestyle products for you to try each month. 

Without a further waiting here is what I received:

Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix- I received the flavor Tangerine.

Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil- This is perfect being I am making bruschetta this week and I am 
running low on olive oil.

A one year Subscription to "Prevention" Magazine

A  Step Pedometer (stepometer for lisa)

Mereadesso Face & Neck Toning Gel- This is amazing because I went to
the Mereadesso website and found this product which is full sized 
and retails for $120.00. Last month Cravebox featured a full sized 
body balm from the same company that retailed for $54.00. 

Cravebox is currently in the test phase. 
They will not fully launch until the fall. 
For more information visit 

Have you received a Cravebox are you interested in Cravebox?



Anonymous said...

very nice items in here

Cravebox said...

What a great post. Hope you like the box!!

Diamonds&Pearls-Shandi said...

That looks pretty nice for the price you pay...I'll be looking into this. Thanks!

ℓα∂у.ℓαυяα♥мιѕѕ.мαкєυρ.α∂∂ιcт said...

Heyy, i've given your blog an award ! check my blog out for details ♥


Mary said...

thanks for sharing! I've never heard of this box! sounds neat


Michelle M. said...

That's some great stuff. I've never tried Emergen-C, is it any good?

Deerie said...

Vitamin C! ♥

Nee said...

thx for the comment:)
that looks awsome! you have a really cute blog so i'm following you now, hope you like mine too:)


Chelsey said...

Yay another blogger who subs to Cravebox! :) I've been pleasantly surprised by the items they've sent thus far. Excited for February's.